Create your own Ethereum token in just 30 mins

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See first hand how tokens are built and make one (or as many) of your very own Ethereum token!

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Rated 4.6 by 119 developers

Why learn Solidity?


Demand of Solidity devs is on its way up

The average salary for a Solidity developer is over $150,000 p/a.


Most popular smart contract language

Over 85% developers active in web3 are using Solidity.


Relatively easy language to learn

Solidity is based on C++ and JavaScript, so it is an easy transition.


Opens up a world of new opportunities

Become a part of the growing Ethereum ecosystem and develop innovative applications.

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Frequently asked questions

An ERC-20 token is a fungible token that is created on the Ethereum blockchain. Fungible tokens are interchangeable, meaning that one token is worth the same as another token of the same type

ERC-20 is a set of rules that define how tokens should be created, transferred, and interacted with on the Ethereum blockchain. You can make your own ERC-20 token by defining the token, writing and deploying a smart contract and then creating a token sale.

The Ethereum blockchain is a decentralized, open-source blockchain platform that features its own cryptocurrency, Ether (ETH). ETH is the native currency of the platform and is used to pay for transactions and services on the network.

There are a number of development platforms that can make the process of token creation easier. These platforms provide templates and tools that can help you to create your token without having to write any code. However, if you are using a less popular blockchain platform, or if you want to create a more complex token, you may need to write your own code. This can be a more challenging process, but it gives you more control over the features of your token.

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