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ETH Gathering Barcelona: GATHER to DESIGN THE FUTURE of web3 

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ETH Gathering Barcelona aims to provide physical spaces for teams building decentralized web3 technology to connect, innovate & collaborate.

Hosted in Barcelona, one of the world’s most vibrant cities, ETH Gathering is a week-long curated onsite experience for decentralized teams. ETH Gathering provides an opportunity for teams to participate in a team onsite prior to a two day conference.

Meanwhile, the conference builds awareness on the current and future trends on the theme areas listed below through thought leadership and knowledge transfer. For 2022, the following themes are being addressed: 

 DeFi | Blockchain Security | DAO Governance | Data Analytics 

With ample access to sun, tapas and sangria, Barcelona has been picked to host this year’s ETH Gathering

ETH Gathering Conference Weekend (Saturday November 19th- Sunday 20th)

ETH Gathering Conference will bring 600+ builders from web3 teams to converge and engage on the challenges and opportunities facing DeFi, Blockchain Security, DAO Governance and Data Analytics. 


Click here for tickets and use the promo code “METASCHOOL” to get an additional 10% discount on early bird tickets. 

Participating speakers for ETH Gathering Barcelona

ETH Gathering Barcelona will feature over 24 speakers from prominent web3 organizations. Here are some of them:

Facu Ameal

Yearn (DeFi)

Yearn is a set of protocols working in conjunction on the Ethereum blockchain that allow users to maximize their passive earnings on crypto assets that they own, through the use of lending and trading services.

eth gathering barcelona speaker from yearn finance, facu ameal


MakerDAO (Data)

MakerDAO is a decentralized organization focused on developing technology to facilitate savings, borrowing, and lending functionalities along with a stable cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain.

eth gathering barcelona speaker from makerDAO, tadeo

Rafael Ugolini

mStable (DeFi)

mStable is an autonomous and non-custodial infrastructure for pegged-value crypto assets. It enables stablecoin swaps, yield generation, and over-collateralized lending.


eth gathering speaker from mStable, rafael ugolini

Andrej Berlin

Deep Work (DAO) 

Deep Work is an autonomous and permissionless product design studio in web3.

andrej berlin for deep work dao for eth gathering speaking

Current Participating Projects 

  • Maker
  • L2Beats 
  • Certora 

👇🏼 Important Links

ETH Gathering Website



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