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What is a fren? πŸ“–

A fren, as many will argue, is a misnomer (if you will) of the word friend. Contrary to what people say, a fren is simply a fellow Web 3.0 enthusiast who you as an individual respect and admire for either their work ethic, their passion for crypto, or their overall interest in revamping centralized systems.

It becomes all the more interesting and playful when someone has invested in the same NFT as you have. Fren, thus, becomes the reason for an instant connection between you and the other person.

Example sentence: Hey fren, I looked at your project – it is amazing!

Origins of the term 

Two things are really important to notice here. The number one thing is that the Web 3.0 ecosystem is also a tight-knit community of people who may or may not share the same beliefs but they do share the same ambition. 

The second thing is that to stand apart from the crowd and to truly show the world that the Web 3.0 community is indeed different, more creative, and more aware, words like build and hold have been changed to buidl and hodl in the crypto realm.

Contrary to what these words mean in a dictionary, their meanings are more literal in the crypto world. However, these are not just gimmicks; for many, the very philosophy of Web 3.0 is centered around these words. 

Fren in crypto is also no different. It is as old as cryptocurrency itself. However, this was not something that was planned. As the tight-knit crypto community of a few members grew bigger and wider, the members who would previously refer to each other as friends started referring to each other as frens. And this is how the word friend became fren.

Most Gen-Z people love to use the word more frequently. Some even use different variations of the word such as frin or frenz.

Oh, and if you don’t already know, there is a coin/token by the same name. It is written as $FREN but don’t mistake the terms with each other as they have different meanings. One is a project, the other an endearing term for Web 3.0 believers and adopters.

πŸ‘‰ Wanna try adding the Frenchain or Fren Testnet to your MetaMask wallet? 

What does a fren mean in chat?

The usage of the word fren varies from community to community. Generally, while chatting, fren is used to refer to someone you consider a friend. People, while chatting, use it with a lighthearted twist. And it may go on to show that you and the person you are chatting with probably get along well. 

What does fren mean in text?

Again, a very subjective question. Now, what kind of a text are we exactly talking about here is important to understand here. 

However, in a text, it is used just like you is used as β€œu” and how other common gen-z abbreviations like β€œlmao” and β€œlol” are written and used as.

Benefits of a fren in crypto

  1. Frens can help a newbie have a sense of belonging by becoming their comrade and someone they can count on when things go south. Thus, a fren is always there.
  2. Frens also help create an environment where there is no harsh criticism or leg-pulling or leaving others behind. If anything, frens foster such an environment  where everyone is allowed to give their opinion, ask questions and give suggestions.
  3. With a fren by your side, you end up building a trust factor. Thus, a fren can teach you, make you unlearn a lot of things, be your stress ShamWow and be someone you can rely on.
  4. Frens who are more experienced than you can also provide you with guidance, acquaint you with more frens, and introduce you to newer and better opportunities.

Reg flags in a fren

While frens can be helpful, useful, and important in your life and in your pursuit of Web 3.0 skills, you would need to understand that not everyone will be sincere with you, and not everyone will want to be your fren. 

Here are some red flags that you can spot in a fren and consequently, unfren them.

  1. When a fren, who you have befriended, starts selling stuff to you and keeps telling you that you will miss out on a lot if you don’t buy their stuff is most likely someone who just wants to sell their product and not be a companion.
  2. A fren in crypto can pretend to be a good person but if you sense something fishy in the way that they are not being transparent about their investments, their projects or interests even after some time, you may assume that the person is not a fren but a scammer trying to get information from you.
  3. A fren who is genuine and respects you would never be poor in communication skills. Thus, be mindful of the people who claim to be your friends but are not active when it comes to communicating with you and respecting you.

In conclusion, by being aware of red flags and conducting due diligence, it’s possible to identify a fren in crypto and avoid falling victim to scams or frauds. A fren, however, is not inherently a bad person. You can reach the pinnacle of your career just by being around great people as your frens. But it is equally important to understand the other side of the coin (pun intended) as well.