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GM meaning crypto web3 glossary

What does GM mean?

GM is short for Good Morning. It is used to greet somebody a good morning and convey wishes for a wonderful day ahead.

If you are a blockchain enthusiast active on online servers, you must have seen this word because it’s commonplace in the crypto community. It’s especially said a lot to newbies because web3 and crypto is beyond borders and GM is a nice way to welcome someone to the space.

Is GM usage different on Twitter or Discord?

Crypto influencers usually start the day with a GM tweet and their followers greet them back with the sane greeting. It’s a proper thing.

GM on Twitter or other social networks is just a practical use of the acronym. Mostly crypto Twitteratis and netizens use GM to greet their readers and viewers in a tweet.

How this works is that the sender writes GM and the readers reply or retweet with the same. This is how crucial and important conversations start on Twitter.

GM is also sort of an equalizer. It makes small talk and conversing easy, especially for introverted crypto enthusiasts who find it difficult to socialize. With GM, an introvert and an extrovert come on the same page and can talk without any apprehensions or uneasiness.

The best part is you can say it even at night because the crypto community is global and someone would definitely respond to it. If not, GN is another way to wish good night to your web3 fellows.

$gm crypto coins

The crypto realm is not without spur-of-the-moment creations and stories you usually won’t get in decentralized systems. So, what exactly is this {dollar sign} gm thingy? 

It is an exciting story of meme crypto coins named $gm crypto. So, this one time Raj Gokal, one of the co-founders of Solana Labs replied to a random Twitterati who apparently didn’t like the use of the acronym GM. In the reply, Gokal wrote, “I’ll kill you”.

Gokal was quite offended. His Twitter account got suspended and retrieved as well. However, fans and crypto enthusiasts, in the defense of Gokal, came up with two meme coins that they named $gm crypto. The two coins are GMWAGMIETH and WELOVEGM. 

Can I buy $gm coins?

Essentially, $gm is an ERC-20 token that is built on Ethereum which makes it a fungible token. In other words, $gm tokens are basically fungible coins. 

The coins were created to increase awareness about the acronym and its importance. They are more of a marketing technique for the whole GM movement. 

Although they can be bought but since they are meme coins and they won’t be interchangeable and exchangeable, not many benefits could be reaped from them.

However, a crypto enthusiast can surely buy the coins to support the movement and the different slang in crypto.