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GM meaning 📖☀️

GM is short for Good Morning. It is used to greet somebody a good morning and convey wishes for a wonderful day ahead.

If you are a blockchain enthusiast active on Twitter and Discord servers, you must have seen this word because it’s commonplace in the crypto community. It’s, especially, said a lot to newbies because web3 and crypto is beyond borders and GM is a nice way to welcome someone to the space.

The best part is you can say it even at night because the crypto community is global and someone would definitely respond to it. If not, GN is another way to wish good night to your web3 fellows.

Crypto influencers usually start the day with a GM tweet and their followers greet them back with a GM tweet. It’s a proper thing.

It’s no surprise that there’s also a token out there known as ‘GM WAGMI’. The founders of this token have expressed that greeting someone with Good Morning is a lot more than just greeting each other; it is an attempt to create global communities that help in uniting people and spreading positivity with help of cryptocurrency.

GM â˜€ï¸ ONE hour until mint!

Recently, the Warner Bros NFT Twitter handle used the word to wish its followers

People not only say GM to greet someone but it also means that we are early in this space and our future is bright. By saying it you are also showing support for the culture being built around cryptocurrency.

So why don’t you give it a try today for the first time?

Example sentence: GM guys, excited to have a productive day ahead 🔥

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