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what does lfg mean in crypto cover

What does LFG stand for? ☑️

The term LFG  stands for Let’s F***ing Go. It’s used to motivate or hype up people about their work or achievements, especially in crypto.

The term was first used in a game called EverQuest, launched in 1999. On the game, people would type LFG or ‘looking for group’ in the chat when looking for teams to join for quests together. It kept being used for several years in this context. It’s also used as ‘looking for girlfriend’ in a fun way to look for partners in online games.

LFG or ‘let’s freaking go’ started to be used in 2010 in colleges across the US and later around the world as a part of party culture. Surprisingly enough, it was adopted as the official slogan for the US Women’s Football team that went on to win the 2019 worldcup title.

LFG meaning in crypto 🫰🏼

Currently, LFG or let’s f***ing go became famous in the crypto and blockchain space, wherein people hype up a crypto coin, NFT project and even investors.

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The abbreviation has a pretty has a lot of history and application. Nowadays, however, it’s the word to know and use if you’re interesting in crypto and NFTs.

Example sentence: I invested in MATIC and got a good profit in just a few days, LFG dudes!! 🔥

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