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Rug pull

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Rug pull meaning

Rug pull refers to a deceptive tactic where a development team suddenly abandons a blockchain project and liquidates all of its assets or liquidity. This leaves investors with worthless tokens or coins, causing the price to plummet and resulting in significant financial losses.

The term “take the rug out from under someone” is often used to describe this phenomenon, as the rug is pulled out from under investors, leaving them without any support or recourse. Rug pulls also use social media platforms and channels as their main source of preying on investors. 

In the cryptocurrency business, a rug pull occurs when a development team abruptly drops a project and sells or eliminates all of its liquidity.

Example sentence: I can’t believe my eyes, $TTDX did a sneaky NFT rug pull on us 😱

How does a rug pull work and how to avoid them?

The way rug pull works is somewhat similar to Shilling. However, the major difference between both is that the scammers and the people trying to sell the project to you end up selling all the stocks once they have enough investors and run away with the money.Β 

Rug pulls also use social media platforms and channels as their main source of preying on investors. 

Investors are drawn to a new cryptocurrency project by a developer who leaves the project before it is completed. The investors are left with worthless currency as a result. 😟

DeFi initiatives that offer liquidity to decentralized exchanges are most frequently connected with rug pulls. Since many crypto projects are anonymous, it makes it rather easy for a team or owner to do it without risking their identity.

Rug pull Indicators

1. Soaring token prices

Common rug pull indicators include token prices that soar quickly without any liquidity support. There is potential for a rug pull if the project owners can withdraw their monies as soon as possible following the initiative’s debut.

A malicious party might program a token to limit certain investors’ ability to sell it while leaving others unrestricted. These sales limits are telltale indicators of a fraudulent scheme.

TurtleDex Rug pull

2. See it for yourself

It might be challenging to determine whether there is fraudulent behaviour since selling limits are hidden in the code. One approach to check this is to buy a small quantity of the new currency and then try to sell it right away. The project is probably a hoax if there are issues dumping what was recently bought.

Additionally, there will probably be a lot of investor excitement on social media sites like Twitter, Telegram, and others.

Final Words

Thus, be careful and DYOR on a venture to prevent yourself from rug pulls. This will involve examining the product’s current condition as well as its tokenomics, token distribution strategy, liquidity, and staff. By making sure the aforementioned are all as open and verifiable as possible, you can reduce your risk.