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How does partnering with Metaschool help your ecosystem?

Partnering with Metaschool means getting a tailor-made solution for all your developer engagement requirements. Metaschool boosts your ecosystem just as it has helped Web3 giants like Sui, Fuel, and Q scale up to 3x in a single month. Our team of experts offers free, personalized, and in-depth education to thousands of skilled Web3 developers about your specific ecosystem, blockchain, and protocol.

Our partners

Our cherished education and community partners

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What does Metaschool offer its partners?

The Web3 arena is a unique niche, demanding a specific audience for your ecosystem to thrive. We know it’s tough to find the right audience. That's why we're here to make it easier for you.

Customised course creation

Our Education team crafts interactive, gamified courses tailored to your ecosystem, from basics to advanced features, just as you envision.

Marketing is on us

Be it a course or a full-fledged learning track, our marketing team works round-the-clock to get you the online visibility you need.

Meet quality devs

Receive real-time data from our data analysis team about the developers engaging with your ecosystem-specific courses and their feedback.

Ecosystem-specific free learning programs

Our DevRel team launches free and live learning programs like Road to Web3 and BuildWeek, ensuring the developers learn quickly to meet your high standards.


Our Community partnerships team, through our learning programs, fosters a community, via a separate channel on Discord, dedicated to the developers interested in learning more about the ecosystem.

How does Metaschool do it?

Metaschool follows a well-defined and strategic roadmap to help you achieve a target. The partnerships funnel is divided into six crucial steps:


Initial partnership call

We begin with a detailed discussion to understand your ecosystem goals and how we can fulfil them by strategy and execution.

2 days

Curriculum development

Once the terms and conditions (grants, timeline, number of courses and devs) are finalised, we share a draft curriculum outline and refine it based on you team’s feedback.

1 week

Launch and marketing planning

After the curriculum outline, we start working on the marketing content such as partnership and course launches announcements.

1 week

Content creation

The Education team starts working on the courses, ensuring that all the course creation parameters and cadence are followed.

2 weeks

Launch and feedback

After the launch of the courses, our data analysis team loops your team in on a regular basis, delivering key insights and performance metrics.

5 days

Funnelling developers

Once the completions and the developers start to pour in, we channel them towards adopting your ecosystem, increasing awareness and hiring opportunities.

8 weeks

Developers love us

Developers love our programs, create your curriculum with us now!

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Edmund Tan


Partnership manager

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Metaschool welcomes innovative and well-funded new products, recognizing the potential they bring to our ecosystem.

Partners benefit from technical, marketing, and educational support, plus access to over 150,000 developers in our community to boost blockchain ecosystem adoption.

No, Metaschool generally does not require exclusivity, valuing open and flexible collaboration.

Partnership timelines vary, typically ranging from a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on specific factors of each case. Contact us to work out a specific timeline to your needs.

Partners should demonstrate innovation, have a viable product, financial stability, and align with Metaschool's values and goals.