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The 11 Best Web3 Tutorials for 2023

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Here are some of the best web3 tutorials available online so that you learn web3 development with ease.

Web3, the next iteration of the internet, is just about taking off. Web3 companies are raising billions of dollars because of web3’s forecasted potential in the next 10-15 years. The difference then would be that those billions would turn into trillions.

The graphs are looking up, frens. ๐Ÿ“ˆ

The web3 companies raising all this money eventually require resources to develop products. But there’s a massive problem on hand: web3 developers are scarce.

how to learn web3 poster showing web3 developers solving problems and coding on ethereum
Source: Ethereum

A web3 developer nowadays, with 1+ year of experience, is making an average of $90k/year. That’s the salary for an entry-level developer. More so, there’s massive opportunity for growth, learning and disruption in the space.

So if I’m completely honest, not entering the web3 space at this point would be like losing out on buying Bitcoin years ago when it was at $25.

It stings, right? This will too. ๐Ÿ‘ป

This is why I’ve put together some great resources that can give you an overall look into the web3 space via theory and practice projects. Whether you’re a beginner or someone a little advanced in the space, you’ll find something to start with in this list.

A disclaimer, though, most practical web3 learning projects do require you to have knowledge of web2 programming languages, or a background in web development. So choose your battles wisely!

Without further ado,

Here are the best web3 tutorials around to learn from

1. What is web3? (Explained with animations)

This video on what is web3 has 2 mil views. I don’t know about you, but I consider that a good measure? If web3 is just this new buzzword to you, watching this will help.

what is web3? how to learn web3 from scratch video thumbnail
Source: Whiteboard Crypto / YouTube

Paired with the whiteboard animation, you’ll be able to understand how web3 compares to earlier versions of the internet. Moreover, there’s a lot discussed on the purpose of decentralization and how crypto and other web3 features enable it.

2. The Non-Fungible Token Bible: Everything you need to know about NFTs – Opensea

If so far you’ve been finding on-the-surface explanations of NFTs or non-fungible tokens, and you think they suck and you’ve learnt nothing, this guide is valuable.

It’s in-depth and gets into the history of NFTs, NFT myths and misconceptions, the current state of the NFT market as well as the technical anatomy of ERC721 – the token standard for NFTs.

nft bible cover
Source: Blog

If you come from a non-dev background, some things may be a little difficult to understand at first glance. But you’ll get there because the explanations for a lot of technical jargon in this tutorial are done properly and responsibly.

3. How to create your own blockchain using Substrate – Metaschool

This is a super cool course and here’s why: it will give you a comprehensive understanding of the tools and technologies you need in order to use the Substrate SDK and deploy your very own blockchain.

Move over Ethereum, there’s a new blockchain in town! And it’s going to be made by you. The reason this course exists is because it isn’t all that difficult to create a blockchain – especially if you really want it.

The Substrate SDK is a powerful tool that allows developers to build custom blockchain platforms and dApps in a flexible way.

It is widely used by developers in the blockchain community and has been adopted by a number of leading projects, including the Polkadot blockchain.

web3 course on how to create your own blockchain using substrate

Moreover, in the course, youโ€™ll gain an understanding of the Polkadot environment and the Layer-0 protocol that powers it, as well as key blockchain concepts and principles such as the relay chain and parachains.

Because it’s not just a theory course,  you’ll learn how to run your Substrate-based blockchain locally for testing and development purposes, allowing you to experiment with your blockchain and debug any issues before it goes live.

Do note, however, that creating your own blockchain requires a strong understanding of distributed systems, cryptography, and computer science, as well as the ability to solve complex technical problems.

If you know all that, jump in!

4. An introduction to the Solana blockchain – 2501babe / github

If there’s anything I really like about the gen-z crowd, they cut the bs and get straight to the point. This blog, which also holds a place on the official Solana website resources section, does just that.

The text, although a bit brief, gets into the Solana blockchain and compares it with Ethereum, and how the both differ. Moreover, the author summarizes Solana docs and what important stuff is included in them.

Needless to say, you’ll find this to be a fun read.

solana blockchain logo - what is solana

Read here

5. Web3 Tutorial – EatTheBlocks

If you’re not too fond of reading and really would just want to watch videos on how web3 works, check out this channel: EatTheBlocks. The guy who runs the channel has a massive following, because he just explains stuff really well.

blockchains image - eat the blocks youtube web3 tutorial
Source: EatTheBlocks / YouTube

Watching the videos is a decent way to catch up on web3 theory for beginner, or even follow when you’re trying to code but it may be difficult to practice web3 projects like the ones we have at Metaschool – mostly because you won’t get a chance to make mistakes. Everything will be solved and done for you – and we don’t learn like that, do we?

Watch here

6. Write your first Smart Contract in Solidity – Metaschool

In my opinion, this should be one of the first projects you should start with as a beginner in web3. Once you go through the course content, you’ll find several similarities with the language/s you already know, because Solidity is adaptable like that.

writing a hello world smart contract - free web3 project on metaschool

Of course there may be some unlearning involved – web2 and web3 are vastly different, but trust me, it’ll be easy breezy once you’re done with this project. All you’ve got to do is set up, write your smart contract and deploy it. Did I mention, it’s free?

7. Learn to Code Blockchain DApps by Building Simple Games – CryptoZombies

CrpytoZombies is fairly popular in the web3 world, in fact most of us who’ve been curious about how to learn web3 have probably ended up here before.

The reason it’s popular? It’s interactive. And that’s always good – nobody learnt anything really with theory. Practice is where it’s at.

crypto zombies learn to code blockchain dapps by building games
Source: CryptoZombies

In this project, you can expect to learn the more technical aspects of blockchains. It’s free, so whenever you’re ready to write smart contracts in Solidity and make your own crypto-collectible games, this is one of the best web3 tutorials to try out.

Read here

8. How does a blockchain work – Simply Explained

Sometimes all one wants to do is watch a video with illustrations and commentary. Well, this one has one of the best and simplest explanations for blockchain.

Blockchain may be a relatively new concept to non-dev folks, even to some developer folks – and this video breaks down and clears several concepts out for us.

Simply explained blockchain youtube video
Source: Simply Explained / YouTube

Watch here

9. The Complete Guide to Full Stack Solana Development with React, Anchor, Rust, and Phantom – Nader Dabit

If you’re interested in Solana development, know blockchain basics and have dabbled in web3 development in practice projects, then you must check this one out.

You’ll see and learn how to build a full stack dapp. Moreover, you’ll be introduced to the Solana ecosystem and what comes with it, so that if going forth you want to build and develop your very own applications, you do it easily.

Complete Guide to Full Stack Solana Development with React, Anchor, Rust, and Phantom by nader dabit

It’s pretty comprehensive, make sure you go through project prerequisites and setup instructions.

Read here

10. Build your own store with Solana Pay –

This project by Buildspace is for all the crypto curious minds. It will help you build your own store using Solana Pay and the best part is: you don’t need knowledge of Rust. You will easily be able to take payments directly via wallets on the blockchain.

Give it a shot!

buildspace project on solana pay store
Source: Buildspace

11. Launch your own epic NFT marketplace – Metaschool

This is an advanced project, so if you’ve practiced writing smart contracts in the recent past: try this one out.

What will you learn? You’re going to understand how NFT minting smart contracts are created and run. This will eventually help you launch your own NFT marketplace!

doodles nft marketplace
Source: Doodles

If you’re wondering how to learn web3 and looking for resources that don’t waste your time, going through most of these will take your understanding of web3 concepts from a sad 2 on a scale to a decent 7, or even more!

Get started today. ๐Ÿš€

If you’re new to Metaschool, check out some additional projects you can start whenever you want. ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ