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8 best online NFT tutorials for beginners

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are the buzzword for this year. I’m sure you’ve seen the term being thrown around...

in NFT
Jun 23 · 3 min read >

How to learn web3: top online resources [FREE]

Here are some top online resources if you’re wondering how to learn web3 development online. Web3, the next iteration...

in Web3
Jun 13 · 5 min read >

Blockchain for dummies – Learn about blockchain

I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of exposure to the term ‘blockchain’. Chances are you’ve read a handful...

Jun 9 · 3 min read >

Types of blockchains, explained

If you’re newly introduced to blockchain, chances are you’ll find yourself wondering how many types of blockchains there are,...

Jun 3 · 2 min read >

What in the world is wagmi? Guide to NFT and crypto slang terms

If you’ve found yourself doing a Google search things like “wagmi meaning” “what does gm mean”, and generally NFT...

in Web3
Jun 2 · 3 min read >

Solidity developer jobs: which Web3 companies are hiring?

Solidity developer jobs are expected to increase exponentially in the coming years. That is largely because of Solidity’s rapid...

May 25 · 4 min read >

10 women in Web3 shattering the glass ceiling

Get to know 10 prominent women in web3 running and innovating in the emerging and exciting space. And don’t...

in Web3
Mar 8 · 3 min read >