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How To Convert uint To string in Solidity?

How To Convert uint To string in Solidity

Let’s explore the easiest way to convert the Solidity uint to string.

Convert uint to string using OpenZeppelin library

The easiest way to convert the uint to a string is using String.sol contract from the OpenZeppelin library. String.sol offers a function called toString that can easily convert any uint to a string. Here’s how toString works.


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uint to string example

Let’s look at the complete example now.

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity ^0.8.20;

// importing String.sol from openzeppelin library
import "@openzeppelin/contracts/utils/Strings.sol";

contract ExampleContract {
    function convertToString(uint num) public pure returns (string memory)
        string memory strNum; // define string type memory variable
        strNum = Strings.toString(num); // converts unsigned int to a string
        return strNum; // return string


  • First of all, we defined the version for our Solidity compiler.
  • We imported the Strings.sol contract from the OpenZeppelin library.
  • Created a contract named ExampleContract.
  • Inside the contract, we defined a public function named convertToString that takes uint type num as an input and returns a string.
  • The function first defines the string type memory variable strNum.
  • Next, we call the Strings.toString(num) function and stored the value it returns to the strNum.
  • At last, we return the strNum.

Running our example in Remix IDE

Let’s run our example in Remix IDE and see what it returns.


Here’s what the output looks like in my case.

ExampleContract Output

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Importing the OpenZeppelin String.sol contract in your solidity code can easily help you convert the uint type variable to the string.

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