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Join our journey to launch a Friends-themed token for fans. Let's PIVOT! and learn together!


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What is Build in Public?

Build in Public is a brand new series by Metaschool that shows you what it's like to build and create a project from scratch and bring it to market.

The idea is to create and launch a project publicly, highlighting behind-the-scenes details, flaws, and problems we face along the way. With the community's involvement, it will be an open and transparent process.

As a subscriber, you'll be ideating and creating a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. token inspired by the hit TV sitcom.

We know token launches can be unpredictable. But successful launches take careful planning across many factors. When done right, tokens can greatly benefit Web3 projects and dApps.

However, actionable resources on token launches are lacking. This gap makes Build in Public not just useful, but essential for anyone looking to enter this space.

We'll dive into launch specifics - offering tips, tricks, and our own experiences. Sounds interesting? Join us now as we bring a token idea to market.


Why should I join Build in Public?arrow

The magic of a good token launch can make you a fortune. Examples include Pepe and Doge. This is exactly why you should join Build in Public.

If you are passionate about Web3 and are sure that you can take up the challenge of participating in Build in Public with little to no relevant experience then you can certainly subscribe.

All you need is to commit 1 hour a day for a month.

Build in Public
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