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This program nurtures 150 developers into Web3 experts through weekly coding sessions and hands-on projects, enabling them to learn, build and deploy real-world dApps.

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  • 14th Jan 2024
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What is Road to Web3?

Free Program

Web3 is more than just a technological advancement; it is a mission to realize the idea of a decentralized internet, where users have control over their own data. By joining Road to Web3, you grow a step closer to its mission and unlock a path of tangible opportunities for yourself.


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How it works

Only the invited developers can participate in this exclusive program. See how you can increase the chance to get invited here

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Join the waitlist and Fill the details on the form.

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Selected individuals will be accepted and informed via Email.

Kick off and Cohort Starts

Connect with your Web3 companions and discover our platform together.

Learn with Frens

Join our 2-hour live coding camps with mentors guiding you every step, offering support and clearing your doubts.

Build Project & Earn Grants

Develop an end-to-end real-life dApp project and showcase it on our platform. Top-voted builds have a chance to win a share of the $5000 prize pool!

Congrats! You Graduated

Show off your projects to your Web3 peers and earn a Limited Edition NFT for your wallet.

Whats in it for you?

$5000 Grant

Complete the program and successfully execute projects for an opportunity to win a prize of $5000.

NFT Certification

Earn an NFT certificate on the successful completion of each project.

Top Mentors

Web3 startups attracted over $4 billion in funding in 2021.

Internship Opportunities

Get a chance to intern with top Web3 brands in the ecosystem.

Learning Track


Write your First Contract


12 Lessons

  • .
    Introduction and Solidity Basics
  • .
    Learn the basics of solidity
  • .
    Write and Deploy a contract to testnet

Mint your First NFT


12 Lessons

  • .
    Learn about ERC721 standard
  • .
    Create and Mint An NFT
  • .
    Introduction to platforms like Pinata and Opensea

Build your First dApp


12 Lessons

  • .
    Create an end-to-end dApp
  • .
    Use react framework to create the front end
  • .
    Learn how to attach the front-end to your dApp

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Frequently asked questions

No, Road to Web3 is completely free of cost. All you have to do is sign up and you are good to go.

Yes, you can. The prerequisite for Road to Web3 is that you should know how to code and have an interest in Web3 and blockchain technology.

Road to Web3 is a gateway to Web3 excellency. The developers and builders who successful completed this accelerated learning program and become Metaschool graduates will have multitude of benefits. These benefits range from global networking opportunities to grants, internships and NFT certification.

Road to Web3 expects and requires Web3 devs to give dedicate weekly 2 hours to the program for 20 days.