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What is Build in Public?

A 30-day free & robust community-driven program on launching a token idea from scratch and taking it to marketplaces like DEX & CEX. Subscribe now.

Program Roadmap

Week 1

Jan 5 - 7

Week 2

Jan 8 - 14

Week 3

Jan 15 - 21

Week 4

Jan 22 - 28

What’s in it for me

Successful Token Launch

Learn the key steps for launching a token on the mainnet without encountering pitfalls.

Exchange Listings

Understand the processes for securing listings on both decentralized (dex) and centralized (cex) exchanges for the token.

Effective Tokenomics

Explore and design the tokenomics of the Friends token, focusing on pricing, sustainability, and building trust within the community.

Community Engagement

Develop strategies to actively build and engage a community around the token.

Frequently asked questions

The magic of a good token launch can make you a fortune. Examples include Pepe and Doge. This is exactly why you should join Build in Public.

If you are passionate about Web3 and are sure that you can take up the challenge of participating in Build in Public with little to no relevant experience then you can certainly subscribe.

All you need is to commit 1 hour a day for a month.

  • Intermediate
  • 30 days
  • Earn NFT
  • Community
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