Learn to Build on Aptos, Make Your Move

A series of carefully designed courses to help you learn and excel in the Aptos Move programming language so that you can build your next big Web3 idea.

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Fatima Rizwan, Aswin Kumar + 1 more

  • Understand the Fundamentals of Aptos


    Introduction to Aptos Chain

    9 Lessons
    2950 XP
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    What you’ll learn

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    Intro to Aptos blockchain

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    Understand Aptos architecture

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    Explore the key features of Aptos

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    Learn the use cases of Aptos

    BeginnerLaunching Soon

    Start Building on Aptos

    24 Lessons
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Learning outcomes

Learning Outcome 0

Unlock NFT-based Certificates

Use your NFT certificate as a proof of completion and excellence.

Learning Outcome 2

Amass 1,000 XPs

Earn XPs with every course completion on the Metaschool platform.

Learning Outcome 3

Get Access to Aptos x Metaschool House

Step into the exclusive realm of the Web3 developer paradise, reserved for the fortunate few.

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