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A practical, interactive, and gamified course to help you get building projects using the Aptos Move programming language. Enrol now and start learning.

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This course has been carefully designed to help you use your knowledge from the introductory course and get to building on Aptos. This course will equip you with the basics of the Move programming language, essential to develop on Aptos, and help you deploy your first smart contract on Aptos Move, along with understanding the structure of the language and the smart contract. You will also learn about the variables, constants, data types, operators, functions, structs, resources, and control flow in Move. The final assignment of this course is to build a project in Move implementing all that you have learned in the course.

Course Content

0. Introduction to Build on Aptos

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1. Getting Started With Development on Aptos

2. Structs and Resources in Move

3. Variables, Constants, and Functions in Move

4. Operators and Control Flow in Move

5. Deploy and Interact

6. Let’s Wrap Up The Course



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Why learn Move?


Formally verifiable

Mathematically provable if a program is correct for increased safety and security



Smaller modules make it easy to understand and maintain larger programs



Simple syntax and design principles make it easy for developers to learn and use



Features like resource types make it resistant to smart contract vulnerabilities

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Frequently asked questions

Aptos Move is a safe programming language for building secure dApps on the Aptos blockchain. It prioritizes safety to avoid vulnerabilities and is efficient for smooth operation.

The basic building blocks of the language are Accounts, Resources, Modules, and Storage.

Not exactly. Move prioritizes safety with static verification, while Solidity offers more flexibility. Both have their own specific use cases.

Two factors that set it apart are speed and security as Aptos boasts high transaction throughput and prioritizes safe code.
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  • rating 5.0 (3)
  • 2x 5900 XPs
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