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erc-1155 meaning crypto glossary article cover


What is ERC-1155? An ERC-1155 is a standard token that falls in the ERC category. It is a semi-fungible token standard on the Ethereum blockchain,… Read More »ERC-1155

geth meaning crypto glossary article cover


What is the meaning of Geth? Geth, short for Go-Ethereum – is a software program written in Go programming language developed by Google. Go is… Read More »Geth

block meaning crypto web3 glossary


What is a block in blockchain? πŸ“– Remember reading how mitochondria are the powerhouse of a cell? Similarly, a block is the powerhouse of a… Read More »Block

GM meaning crypto web3 glossary


What does GM mean? GM is short for Good Morning. It is used to greet somebody a good morning and convey wishes for a wonderful… Read More »GM

lfg meaning crypto web3 glossary


What does LFG stand for? β˜‘οΈ The term LFG  stands for Let’s F***ing Go. It’s used to motivate or hype up people about their work… Read More »LFG