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10 women in Web3 shattering the glass ceiling

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Get to know 10 prominent women in web3 running and innovating in the emerging and exciting space. And don’t forget to join the ? metaschool Discord server ?

It’s not an exaggeration to say that women are often underrepresented in emerging industries nowadays, especially tech. ?

The tech space for decades, in particular, has been dominated by men who like to code. Men in hoodies with their headphones on and coding away into the wee hours of the night. That’s an apt description, right?

While pop culture as well as the real world have clearly established a gender gap in tech, some fabulous women in web3 have been able to rubbish that old idea and risen to the top… through sheer talent and hard work.

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Simply put, Web3 is the new version of the internet – which isn’t yet fully here, but it’s in the works. In its entirety, it’s a decentralized online ecosystem based on the blockchain. And a major portion of the efforts to make it a reality are by the women in web3, because in a decentralized world, old biases and gender gaps don’t stand a chance.

In Web3, equity and inclusivity is a given, whatever gender you may identify as.

Without further ado, let’s get to know some game-changing women in Web3:

1. Manasi Vora – Women in Blockchain

Manasi is the VP of Strategy and Operations of Skynet Labs, which is an open protocol for hosting data and web applications on the decentralized web. But that’s not all… she’s also the founder of Women in Blockchain, a non-profit focused on closing the gender gap and increasing diversity in the Web3 space through education and a powerful community of women and allies.

manasi vora founder women in blockchain and web3

2. Alexis Gauba – she256 & Opyn

Alexis is a powerhouse – much like Manasi, she realized early on how blockchain and the overall web3 space needed some glass ceiling shattering. This led her to start she256, to break existing barriers and give everyone a chance to be part in building for blockchain technology. Because only that will ensure the best and most diverse form of structures and systems.

She is also building Opyn, a capital efficient DeFi options protocol that allows users to buy, sell, and create options on ERC20s.

alexis gauba she235 opyn women in web3

3. Brit Morin & Jaime Schmidt – BFF

Brit and Jaime are a power duo who’ve formed BFF aka Blockchain Friends Forever due to the very fact that there is a massive gender disparity in the Web3, particularly, crypto space. According to the platform, only 19% of women are crypto buyers – which is terribly low, considering men own that remaining 81%. ?

So in order to empower women and also non-binary persons get educated and rewarded in the web3 space, BFF was formed. They’ve been able to build a superb community with stars like Mila Kunis, Gwyneth Paltrow being one of the 50 founding members.

brit morin and jamie schmidt of BFF blockchain friends forever &

4. Lizette Kuld, or LizBitcoin – Moralis

Liz is currently working with MoralisWeb3 as Head of People and is a strong dev advocate, encouraging more and more Web3 developers to find opportunities and join the space. Liz’s Twitter feed is filled with talk about crypto, the web3 space and the culture at Moralis. It’s great to see women in web3 from non-dev backgrounds, and Liz is a perfect example of that.

Lizette kuld or lizbitcoin, built with moralis women in web3

5. Alice Henshaw – UniSwap, xOpenZepplin

Alice Henshaw is a Blockchain Software Engineer who happens to have a degree from Oxford in Computer Science, and is working as a Smart Contract Engineer for Uniswap. Her previous stint at OpenZepplin involved her working in Blockchain Security. We don’t see to many women doing that yet, so great to see her getting to it early on.

alice henshew of uniswap and formerly openzepplin

6. Doreen Cummings – ‘A Bug Travels Far,’ the 1st NFT Children’s Picture Book Series

Doreen is the creator and author of the 1st NFT Children’s Book Series ever to be created on the Blockchain, and it features a cute transbug called Ty Fly. Now children, too, can benefit from books like these, especially if they get started earlier on. The material is aimed at children, hence easy to understand. Luckily, Doreen thought of that. You can mint pieces of the story, btw. Do check it out.

Doreen Cummings - ‘A Bug Travels Far,’ the 1st NFT Children’s Picture Book Series on the blockchain

7. Oluchi Enebeli – Web3 Ladies

According to her LinkedIn, Oluchi is a women of many achievements, especially that of being Nigeria’s first Blockchain Engineer. That’s major, but her efforts have definitely not stopped at that. Oluchi has founded Web3 Ladies to empower the next generation of African woman in the blockchain space. The community is aimed at helping women build and develop a sustainable web3 space.

oluchi enebeli nigeria's first blockchain engineer and founder of web3 ladies

8. Maliha Abidi – WomenRise

Maliha Abidi is an internationally recognized artist who founded Women Rise as a way to represent women from around the world in all their glory. You can see women in their different professions, cultures, and their strengths. The Women Rise’ NFT collection consists of over 10,000 unique art pieces that anyone can own.

maliha abidi of women rise nft collections women in web3

9. Debbie Soon of HUG

Debbie Soon is a Columbia alumnus and has had major success in business before with names like GIC, Tapestry, One Championship and M13. Due to Debbie’s passion and curiosity about the Web3 space, she’s co-founded HUG, a decentralized community platform that fuels and rewards the curation and discovery of creators.

debbie soon of

Concluding this, I’d like to mention something Alice Henshaw from Uniswap noted in a recent interview about how Web2 was designed almost entirely by men, but that it’s refreshing to see more and more women becoming part of the overall Web3 landscape and laying its building blocks.

Even more than that, women in Web3 come from various regions, races and ethnicities. This will ensure that Web3 in its essence is dynamic and a lot more user-friendly.

? On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2022,

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