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Build a Code Translator Using NextJS and OpenAI API

Have you ever felt limited when a project required you to work with Python but you could code in Javascript only? Make coding a breeze by building a tool that helps you translate code in your programming language of choice. This could start out as just a fun OpenAI and NextJS project but potentially give you ideas for similar, smarter, and even revenue-making initiatives that fellow devs around the world need.

Project Curriculum

Ready, Set, Build!

Get started with the course. Get to know prerequisites, learning outcomes, and revise your AI and OpenAI concepts.

What’s Up?
Unleash The Power of AI

Build Some Cool Stuff

Build an AI bot from scratch using OpenAI API and NextJS.

Let's Start Building
Let’s Start Coding
Enhance Your Front-End
Create The Home-Page
Prompt Engineering
Create a Serverless Function
Let’s Try Our Code Translator

Let’s Wrap It Up

Wrap up the course and enjoy using your cool AI bot.

Let’s Wrap It Up

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Why learn OpenAI?

Access to vast data

Open AI is ripe with data. GPT-3 alone is trained on a dataset of billions of data points.

Globally accepted

In a matter of a short time, OpenAI has been used by over 100,000 developers.

Diverse range of chatbots

Has a plethora of options, such as generative text, creative content for developers and users.

Advanced AI knowledge

AI technology is changing the course of the future and partaking in it can bring increasing job opportunities.

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