Build an Airbnb dApp on Fuel Network

A latest, practical and hands-on course on the workings of Fuel Network. Enroll now to build an Airbnb-resembling dApp on the Fuel blockchain.

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Building an Airbnb dApp is the second course of the Fuel Network learning path, a perfect place to start for any developer looking to add Fuel Network to their skillsets. An advanced level course, it teaches you how to create a full-fledged dApp resembling that of Airbnb. You will begin this course by exploring more functions of the Sway programming language. Later on, you will build the AirBnb clone in the same programming language and deploy it on Fuel blockchain. Lastly, you will connect your dApp with Sway project and run it to functionally use your dApp.

Course Content

0. Let’s Get Started

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1. Setting Up the Dev Environment

2. Start Writing the Sway DApp

3. Deploy the DApp

4. Work with the Frontend

5. Run the DApp

6. Let’s Wrap It Up


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Why learn Sway?


High performance

Compilation in native machine code makes it fast and efficient.



The strong type system prevents errors.


Expressive Syntax

The syntax makes it easier for developers to write clear code.



As a budding, the Sway community is constantly growing.

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Fuel is the world's fastest modular execution layer designed for maximum security and high flexible throughput.

Modular execution layers separate execution from data and consensus, maximizing bandwidth and performance.

Metaschool and Fuel have teamed up to offer a free learning track, making it easy for Web3 devs to learn more about modular execution and Fuel Network.

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