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Create an ERC-20 Token in Solidity on Celo

There could not be a more perfect time to perfect your Celo skills. It is a blockchain that has taken a leap to become a carbon negative (for the last 826 days now with a total of 263,449,806 transactions) global payment infrastructure for cryptocurrencies. The visionary blockchain, Celo, is mobile-first, carbon-negative as well as super accessible, permissionless, and borderless. Start building today to become a part of the Celo ecosystem.

Project Curriculum

Let’s Get Started

Get an overview of prerequisites and what you will build in this course.

What Are We Building Today
Into the World of Celo

Setting Up the Development Environment

Let’s set up the right development environment to run our code.

Setup Metamask

Write Your First ERC-20 Token

Learn to write your very first ERC-20 token in Solidity for Celo blockchain.

Writing an ERC20 Token in Solidity

Deploy Your First ERC-20 Token on Celo

Learn to deploy your very first ERC-20 token in Solidity on Celo blockchain.

Deploy Your First ERC-20 Token on Celo

Let’s Wrap It Up

Conclude all your learnings and outcomes.

Let’s Wrap It Up

🎉 Completion

Get the NFT upon completion the course

Special NFT

Get your NFT Image

Showcase this NFT on your CV as a proof of you being a banger web3 developer

Why learn Solidity?

Most popular smart contract language

Over 85% developers active in web3 are using Solidity.

Demand of Solidity devs is on its way up

The average salary for a Solidity developer is over $150,000 p/a.

Relatively easy language to learn

Solidity is based on C++ and JavaScript, so it is an easy transition.

Opens up a world of new opportunities

Become a part of the growing Ethereum ecosystem and develop innovative applications.

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