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block meaning crypto web3 glossary


What is a block in blockchain? 📖 Remember reading how mitochondria are the powerhouse of a cell? Similarly, a block is the powerhouse of a… Read More »Block

GM meaning crypto web3 glossary


What does GM mean? GM is short for Good Morning. It is used to greet somebody a good morning and convey wishes for a wonderful… Read More »GM

lfg meaning crypto web3 glossary


What does LFG stand for? ☑️ The term LFG  stands for Let’s F***ing Go. It’s used to motivate or hype up people about their work… Read More »LFG

nonce meaning crypto glossary article cover


What is nonce in blockchain? 📖 An abbreviation for “number used only once” or “number once”, a nonce is a random or as some argue,… Read More »Nonce

dex meaning crypto glossary article cover


What is a DEX/decentralized exchange? DEX stands for decentralized exchange/s. These are peer-to-peer trading platforms where a user can buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrency. Because… Read More »DEX

ledger meaning crypto glossary article cover


What is a ledger in blockchain? 📖 A ledger is a collection of records containing the details of transactions from one account to another account. They… Read More »Ledger