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From Singapore to the Moon: Web3Go Raises $4M in Seed Round

web3go funding poster

Despite the market going through a harsh crypto winter, some startups (read: Web3go) do not seem to be getting affected. Guess they are right when they say that not everyone has the same 24 hours.

There is a significant cash crunch in the blockchain realm as the crypto funding rate drops for the fifth quarter straight and investors continue to pull back. Yet, this Singapore-based startup, Web3go, has successfully raised a seed round of $4M, with Binance Labs leading it. So, what is this magnetism?

An image of a digital asset by web3go
A digital asset by Web3go taken from Galxe

What in the world is Web3Go?

Co-founded by Hao Ding and Linmu Cui, Web3Go is a graduate of one of Binance Labs’ incubation programs. What makes it so attractive and groundbreaking are these three solid factors:

  • First, it has merged the three forces to be reckoned with: AI, the data sector, and blockchain solutions.
  • Second, it is a pioneer in its field.
  • Third, this is the perfect time to release the platform because AI is all the rage these days.

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Web3go is a platform that provides a bunch of data tools backed by artificial intelligence (AI) merged with blockchain technology. These tools help in:

  • Verifying the ownership of AI-native digital assets
  • Processing real-time data
  • Exploring and visualizing data

By the end of July, Web3Go will be releasing the beta version of DIN, its native asset creation platform.

The potential of the platform is such that big names like Polkadot and BNB chain have already partnered with it to consolidate their real-time full-chain data. Apart from that, Web3go is also providing its data services to other leading blockchains and multiple public chains.

What all tools and solutions does Web3Go have?

There are millions and millions of pieces of unchained data in the web3 ecosystem. These data points are scattered and underutilized, waiting to be used and leveraged in a meaningful way. And this is exactly what Web3Go does. It serves as a one stop solution that provides data services to users, developers and project owners to utilize these data points. The tools and services that Web3go provides include:

  • Go Analytics: deals with the formatting, visualization, sharing and analysis of multichain on-chain data
  • Go Push: provides automatic and immediate notification of real-time on-chain activities. It also allows users to customize push rules
  • Go ID: a web3 identity management and social dApp which is used to create, show and share web3 profiles including assets
  • Built-in communities and data APIs: helps you give access to a community in which you can exchange ideas and discuss data dashboards

Other than these core features, Web3go also provides a platform that allows projects to issue tasks and interact with the community.

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Cool, great features but what does it specifically provide to builders?

The Web3Go platform is not just a community of people who discuss ideas and problems on a forum. It also allows developers to access rich and semi-automated data APIs and the modular programming on Web3Go which you can then use to create dApps with more ease and convenience.

Moreover, Web3Go’s latest asset creation platform, DIN, is specifically focused on creators and developers. With DIN, the platform is aiming to create an intelligent blockchain network that will specifically allow users to create and produce AI-native digital assets including but not limited to social intelligent assistants, trading support robots, trading strategies, transaction information streams, etc. It is a complete package for those who love to influence, write and create and deal with assets.

The Singapore-based Web3Go (soon to go global) is set to grab the market by creating a product-market fit. And it is here to offer endless opportunities to users in the web3 and AI realms.

Web3go’s funding frenzy; raising moolah

This seed round was Web3Go’s first funding round. The Singapore-based startup announced its seed funding round in a press release on July 5th. The round was led by Binance Labs. The other round participants include names like HashKey Capital, NGC, Shima Capital, IVC, Big Brain Holdings, and Archerman Capital.

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web3go seed round funding announcement with investor logos
via Web3Go Twitter

It has also been selected for additional programs such as BNB Chain, MVB V, AWS Activate, Google Cloud Startup, and Web3 Foundation Grant programs.

A lot of factors make Web3Go a promising startup. The AI and blockchain communities are recognizing the platform’s strengths and it has been getting a lot of positive feedback. In fact, in June 2023, it was selected for the Cyberport Incubation Program which shows it is also getting massive support from the Hong Kong government.

Do you think this burgeoning startup shall be able to revolutionize the way we address the ownership verification challenges of AI-native digital assets? Let us know in the comments section.