Write Your First Smart Contract on Flow Blockchain

Get familiar with the Flow Blockchain and Cadence programming language by writing a smart contract and shipping a fungible token with this 4 hour course.

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Flow is a new blockchain that was declared the 3rd largest for NFT trading volume in 2022. It’s quick, it’s secure and that’s your reason to enroll in this course.

Course Content

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1. Unleash the Power of Cadence Programming Language

2. Let’s Start The Fun Part

3. Let’s Wrap It Up


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Why learn Cadence?


Designed specifically for blockchain applications

It is being used by major companies like NBA Top Shot and UFC Strike.


Added layer of security

Strong type system and resource-oriented programming make it difficult to write insecure code.


High performance

It’s a modern, object-oriented language that is maintainable and efficient.


Gaining momentum rapidly

Rising opportunities for Cadence developers to get involved in the Flow ecosystem and contribute to its growth.

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Frequently asked questions

Flow is a Layer-1 blockchain that allows web3 developers to easily build and deploy decentralization applications related to DeFi, gaming, etc.

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  • rating 4.4 (30)
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