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Create a Fungible Token with Sui Move

Hailed as Solana-killer, the Sui blockchain is expected to be the next big thing. It allows you to write impeccable smart contracts with ease, create your very own tokens - all under a secure, immutable umbrella. To sweeten the deal, it is supported by Move, a secure and modular smart contract programming language. If you want to learn building on a powerhouse blockchain paired with an impressive language, Sui and Move are the answers.

Project Curriculum

Let’s Get Started

Get introduced to Sui blockchain and Move programming language.

What Are We Building Today
Into the World of Sui

Setting up the Development Environment

Set up the necessary development environment required to run smart contract on Sui.

Set Up Sui Wallet

Write Your Token Smart Contract in Move

Learn to write a smart contract in Move programming language.

Write Your Token Smart Contract in Move

Deploy Your First Fungible Token on Sui

Learn to deploy your token smart contract on Sui blockchain.

Deploy Your First Fungible Token on Sui

Let’s Wrap It Up

Wrap up our course and go through what we learned in it.

Let’s Wrap It Up

🎉 Completion

Get the NFT upon completion the course

Special NFT

Get your NFT Image

Showcase this NFT on your CV as a proof of you being a banger web3 developer

Why learn Move?

Formally verifiable

Mathematically provable if a program is correct for increased safety and security


Smaller modules make it easy to understand and maintain larger programs


Simple syntax and design principles make it easy for developers to learn and use


Features like resources types make it resistant to smart contract vulnerabilities

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