Create a Fungible Token with Sui Move

Sui is a powerful L1 chain that when paired with its native lang, Move, is unstoppable. Learn the basics of Sui in this course to create your own tokens.

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Hailed as Solana-killer, the Sui blockchain is expected to be the next big thing. It allows you to write impeccable smart contracts with ease, create your very own tokens - all under a secure, immutable umbrella. To sweeten the deal, it is supported by Move, a secure and modular smart contract programming language. If you want to learn building on a powerhouse blockchain paired with an impressive language, Sui and Move are the answers.

Course Content

0. Let’s Get Started

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1. Setting up the Development Environment

2. Write Your Token Smart Contract in Move

3. Deploy Your First Fungible Token on Sui

4. Let’s Wrap It Up


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Why learn Move?


Formally verifiable

Mathematically provable if a program is correct for increased safety and security



Smaller modules make it easy to understand and maintain larger programs



Simple syntax and design principles make it easy for developers to learn and use



Features like resources types make it resistant to smart contract vulnerabilities

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Frequently asked questions

The Move programming language is very reliable when it comes to asset management such as tokens (fungible as well as non-fungible). Moreover, Move can be a great help in implementing a governance system for blockchains. It can help build various dApps for social media, gaming, etc. Lastly, Move can also be used to create financial contracts and manage payments.

Apart from having a wide range of use cases, the Sui chain was primarily developed to promote the adoption of crypto wallets by making the experience more secure overall. Hackers work hard to exploit wallet addresses to steal currencies, resulting in users as well as firms bearing losses. And so, Sui was developed to make this experience secure along with having features like smooth functionality and higher transactions per second.

To deploy your tokens on the Sui blockchain, you must install the Sui CLI first. Then you are supposed to create a new wallet. You can finally deploy your token after importing the token definition file. If you don’t know how learn with Metaschool’s course on creating and deploying a fungible token on Sui.

The Move programming language was initially developed to support and power the Diem blockchain created by Facebook. Now there are two versions of the same language and they are Diem Move and Sui Move. Both are statically typed with more or less the same use cases. However, the main difference between both lies in the way the data is stored. Sui Move supports object-centric global storage, which makes it easier to manage user-level assets.

Although Move was developed for the Diem blockchain (formerly Libra blockchain), it is currently used by Aptos, Sui, and Starcoin blockchains.
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