Learn Everything About Sui, its Concepts and Protocols

This course covers everything from Sui fundamentals to protocols, giving you a deep dive into what makes Sui a leading choice for Web3 devs.

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Sui is a modern blockchain with exceptional performance that utilizes the Move on Sui programming language for smart contracts and dApps that are both secure and efficient. This course helps you explore Sui, learn about its working, features, what differentiates it from other blockchains, and understand why Sui is one of the top choices for Web3 developers.

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Why learn Move?


Formally verifiable

Mathematically provable if a program is correct for increased safety and security



Smaller modules make it easy to understand and maintain larger programs



Simple syntax and design principles make it easy for developers to learn and use



Features like resource types make it resistant to smart contract vulnerabilities

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Frequently asked questions

Sui is the first permissionless Layer 1 blockchain designed from the ground up to enable developers and creators to build products that cater to the next billion users.

There are many products built on Sui including defi apps, games, wallets, and more. Here are a few: - [Scallop](https://scallop.io/), a next-generation money market platform - [Ethos](https://ethoswallet.xyz/), a web3 wallet made to explore Sui - [SuiFrens](https://suifrens.com/), a fun collectible built to show the features of Sui. Mint yours today.

Move on Sui is an object-oriented smart contract language that makes it easier and safer to build web3 applications.

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