Mint Pokemon Card NFTs on Tezos Blockchain

An interactive and hands-on course that uses the IFPS tool to help you create funky Pokemon Cards on the Tezos Blockchain. Enroll today.

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Designed to power the Web3 revolution, the Tezos blockchain is one of the most secure, well-governed and efficient blockchains in the space. It also has a proven record of being futuristic and scalable. Apart from being sustainable, Tezos is one of the top choices for artists and developers alike to create NFTs, thanks to its low gas fees. Start minting your personalized Pokemon Card NFTs with Tezos and take advantage of its versatility.

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1. Prerequisites to Minting Your Pokemon Cards

2. Mint Your Pokemon Cards

3. Explore Your Pokemon Cards NFTs

4. Let’s Wrap It Up


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Why learn LIGO?


Tezos’s very own smart contract language

LIGO has been used to create different projects like DEXs and PE2 games.


Flexible as a language

LIGO has 4 types of familiar syntaxes which ensure its seamless workability.


Easy to learn and understand

Dive into LIGO with Tezos's 4 succinct tutorials, simplifying your learning journey.


Secure and adaptable

LIGO happens to be a very secure and adaptable smart contract language.

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Frequently asked questions

To start minting an NFT on Rarible, create a Rarible account and connect your wallet to it. Now, upload your digital asset (NFT) and add metadata to it. You may pay the required gas fee to mint your NFT. You may also mint your NFT by making use of off-chain NFT creation techniques to avoid paying gas fee.

There are various reasons, why one should be minting on the Tezos blockchain. To begin with, it requires a low gas fee. Apart from being secure, having a strong community of developers, sustainable and energy-efficient, Tezos is also quite versatile. It is used for DeFi, creation of smart contracts and governance.

The best Tezos wallets for minting NFTs or Pokemon Cards in this case are: - Temple Wallet - Kukai Wallet - Airgap Wallet - Atomex - Umami Wallet

IFPS stands for InterPlanetary File System and as the name goes, it is file storage system that is specifically used to improve the scalability and interoperability of blockchain applications. In simpler terms, it is used to store data like NFTs, smart contracts, etc. on a blockchain.
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