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Creating NFTs using different token standards

A closer look at different token standards for NFTs namely ERC721, ERC721A and ERC1155 and understanding differences, optimizations and opportunites.

Project Curriculum


Introduction to the world of NFTs and what we will be covering in this mini project based opportunity.

What Are We Building Today?


The gold standard for NFTs - ERC721

ERC-721 – The Golden Standard
Creating an ERC-721 Contract with Open Zeppelin
ERC-721 Use Cases

ERC-721A – The Superior Iteration

After the standard ERC-721, came a superior version to it and brought many improvements with it. This new token standard was called ERC-721A. Its main objective is to save a significant amount of gas that is wasted in minting multiple NFTs in a single transaction.

ERC-721A – The Superior Iteration
Writing A ERC-721A Smart Contract
Perks Entailing ERC-721A
Settling the Debate Between ERC-721 and ERC-721A

ERC-1155 – One Above All

Phewww!! Your wait is finally over! In this section, we'll be discussing the most advanced token standard, ERC-1155.

ERC-1155 – One Above All
ERC-721 vs. ERC-721A vs. ERC-1155
ERC-1155 Unique Use Cases and When it is Preferred
ERC-1155 and Mainstream Collections

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