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Write Your First Solidity Smart Contract on Ethereum

Looking for an easy Solidity tutorial? Enroll in this 'best ranked' course on developing a smart contract on Ethereum with Solidity programming language.

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The best way to learn Solidity is to start coding in Solidity. Do yourself a favor - do better than just watching YouTube tutorials that lead to a lot of watching and very less of building. Enroll in this course to create your own Ethereum smart contract and become a beginner Solidity developer in no time.

Course Content

0. Setting Up the Environment

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1. Writing the Actual Code

2. Preparing for Deployment


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Why learn Solidity?


Most popular smart contract language

Over 85% developers active in web3 are using Solidity


Demand for Solidity devs is on its way up

The average salary for a Solidity developer is over $150,000 p/a


Relatively easy language to learn

Solidity is based on C++ and JavaScript, so it is an easy transition


Opens up a world of new opportunities

Become a part of the growing Ethereum ecosystem and develop innovative applications

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Frequently asked questions

The best way to become a Solidity developer is by learning, building projects and practicing.

The average salary of a Solidity developer varies on the basis of one’s experience and location. However, in the US, the average base salary for a Solidity developer is $127,500 per year, with a low base salary of $80,000 and a high base salary of $180,000

There is no absolute answer to this question as the difficulty level of learning a programming language depends on your previous programming experiences. If you have coded in languages like C++ and Java, learning Solidity should not be difficult.

Solidity is a high-level object-oriented programming language that is used for writing smart contracts on the blockchain. The process or act of writing these smart contracts using Solidity is called Solidity programming.

If you have previous programming experience, learning Solidity should not take much time. Individuals who practice Solidity are able to get a hang of it within 1 to 6 months.

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