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crypto slang terms

what is crypto shilling definition cover image


What is crypto shilling? Shilling is the process or act of using advertisement, with exaggeration and overstatement, to market a certain cryptocurrency or a certain… Read More »Shilling

gm meaning crypto cover image


GM meaning πŸ“–β˜€οΈ GM is short for Good Morning. It is used to greet somebody a good morning and convey wishes for a wonderful day… Read More »GM

what does lfg mean in crypto cover


What does LFG stand for? β˜‘οΈ The term LFG  stands for Let’s F***ing Go. It’s used to motivate or hype up people about their work… Read More »LFG

what does ngmi crypto mean - GLOSSARY COVER


NGMI is an acronym that stands for “Not Gonna Make It.” This term is used in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain to refer to… Read More »NGMI

what is degen meaning metaschool cover


Degens is shorthand for degenerate. This term has traditionally been used to refer to gamblers, betters and stakers who bet a large amount of money… Read More »Degen