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What is BscScan?

BscScan is a blockchain explorer specifically for the BNB Smart Chain. It is also used as an analytics platform. It’s been developed by the same team as Etherscan, which is a block explorer for the Ethereum Blockchain. It was launched in 2020 and while still very young, it seems to be growing in popularity with time.

You can think of the explorer as a search engine similar to Google. Only on this you can search the transaction you make and verify it.

However, that’s not it. Here’s all you can do:

The uses 🔍

Here are the five solid uses of BscScan :

1. Look up transactions and check their progress

2. Verify new blocks added to the blockchain

3. Verify smart contracts

4. Find wallet addresses

5. Research supply of tokens and other cryptocurrencies

How BscScan works ⚡️

Finding transactions on the BscScan website is very simple. You only need a transaction ID or wallet address involved in that transaction and you can access all necessary information.

These transactions can also be searched by using the transaction hash. A hash contains a string of different letters and numbers that come in handy when tracking a transaction.

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The explorer is also compatible with NFTs and their smart contracts with BEP-721 and BEP-1155 being the most common NFT standards. A popular NFT project on the BNB Chain is the BakerySwap NFT.

BscScan can not portray the art in NFTs users will need a separate NFT marketplace or service provider to see the art but it can represent the token ID, transaction history and interact with smart contracts, etc. 

After the launch of the BscScan platform, it is now much easier for the users of BNB Chain to get updated with the analytics of their assets.