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Create Your First ERC-20 Token in Cairo on Starknet

Join us on an exciting journey where you'll create a secure and scalable ERC-20 token on the Starknet blockchain using the Cairo 1.0 programming language. Enjoy perks like an engaging community of Starknet dApp developers and the satisfaction of crafting your very own token. Let's embark on this adventure together and unlock the realm of crypto magic!

Project Curriculum

Let’s Get Started

Let's get you started with Starknet course. We will discuss pre-requisites, introduction to Starknet and its programming language.

What Are We Building Today
Into the World of Starknet

Setting up the Development Environment

Install the required wallet and set up the necessary environment to get started with writing our token.

Set Up Starkli, Scarb, And ArgentX

Write Your Token Smart Contract

Dive into writing our first ERC-20 token and understand it.

Writing an ERC20 Token

Deploy Your First ERC20 Token on Starknet

Learn how to deploy and then interact with our token we created.

Deploy Your First ERC20 Token on Starknet

Let’s Wrap It Up

Let's conclude our tutorial on Starknet.

Let’s Wrap It Up

🎉 Completion

Get the NFT upon completion the course

Special NFT

Get your NFT Image

Showcase this NFT on your CV as a proof of you being a banger web3 developer

Why learn Cairo?

Secure language

Cairo is a provably secure language, which means that it is possible to prove that your code will always behave as intended.


The Cairo language is designed to be efficient, and it can be used to create smart contracts that are fast and scalable.

Pretty versatile

Able to create a wide variety of smart contracts, from simple payment contracts to complex DeFi applications.

Growing rapidly

The community is growing and this makes now a good time to learn Cairo, as you will be able to take advantage of the latest features and tools.

220+ users have enrolled for this course
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