Create your own Solana token in just 10 mins

Create and launch your own solana token

Project Curriculum


Basic introduction about Solana Network, course content, prerequisites and setting up

What Are We Building Today
Into the World of Solana
Setting Up Your Environment

Let’s Code

Let's create the SPL token



Let's deploy now!

Deploy Your SPL Token and Mint It

πŸŽ‰ Completion

Get the NFT upon completion the course

Special NFT

Get your NFT Image

Showcase this NFT on your CV as a proof of you being a banger web3 developer

Why learn Rust?

Wide adoption

There are 2.8 million coders writing in Rust, with Microsoft and Amazon considering it key to the future.

Global acceptance

Has been declared the most loved programming language as per a Stack Overflow survey.


It is easy to write concurrent codes safely and efficiently on Rust


Can be used to build applications in various domains like machine learning, finance, etc.

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