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Solana has become one of the most versatile blockchains today with its integration of AI and the introduction of an EVM-compiler called Solang. The blockchain saw a massive increase of 12,000% in 2021 which was, in part, a result of its sheer interest in NFTs. Thus, budding Web3 developers should know how to quickly mint their own tokens on Solana and this course is made just for them.

Course Content

0. Introduction

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1. Let’s Code

2. Deployment



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Why learn Rust?


Wide adoption

There are 2.8 million coders writing in Rust, with Microsoft and Amazon considering it key to the future.


Global acceptance

Has been declared the most loved programming language as per a Stack Overflow survey.



It is easy to write concurrent codes safely and efficiently on Rust



Can be used to build applications in various domains like machine learning, finance, etc.

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Frequently asked questions

Rust and C are commonly used languages for developing Solana smart contracts for NFT minting.

While a basic understanding of programming can be helpful, there are tools and libraries that simplify the process, making it accessible to non-developers as well.

Minting Solana NFTs typically involves transaction fees on the Solana blockchain, which vary depending on network activity and complexity.
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  • rating 4.6 (72)
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