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Write an Elon Musk NFT Smart Contract on OpenSea

Ever wanted to mint an NFT on OpenSea? Learn how by writing an ERC-721 token smart contract with this popular tutorial. 8500+ developers enrolled.

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NFTs are not entirely dead. If anything, the NFT market will be worth $231 billion by 2030, as per a 202-pager report published by VMR. And digital artwork is expected to be one of the most sought-after categories. This course is your stepping stone to become a part of that billion dollar NFT industry. Learn to write an NFT smart contract to get started with minting NFTs on OpenSea.

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1. Hello World NFT

2. Blockchain Environment


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Why learn Solidity?


Most popular smart contract language

Over 85% developers active in web3 are using Solidity


Demand for Solidity devs is on its way up

The average salary for a Solidity developer is over $150,000 p/a


Relatively easy language to learn

Solidity is based on C++ and JavaScript, so it is an easy transition


Opens up a world of new opportunities

Become a part of the growing Ethereum ecosystem and develop innovative applications

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Frequently asked questions

Users and developers generally use OpenSea for its security, the variety of NFTs that it can mint, liquidity, and ease of use. If OpenSea interests you, enroll in this course to learn how it works.

Some popular NFT minting tools are: OpenSea, Rarible, Magic Eden, and Metaplex. But the most widely used of these 4 minting tools-cum-marketplaces is OpenSea. Enroll today to understand how to use OpenSea to mint your own personalized NFTs that may or may not look like Elon Musk.

To write an NFT smart contract on OpenSea, you will need to: Choose a programming language (Solidity is recommended), create a project on a smart contract development platform, import the OpenSea contract, write your contract code, and deploy your contract to a blockchain.

Some popular NFT smart contracts are: CryptoKitties, NBA Top Shot, Beeple’s Everydays. Once you have taken this course and written your own Elon Musk NFT smart contract, one more example might be added to the list.
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