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Immutable Unveils New L2 Blockchain While Buterin Warns of Backdoors

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As recently as August 15, famous Web3 gaming platform, Immutable, took to Twitter and announced that it has taken a big step to diversify the infrastructure of the platform with Immutable zkEVM. 

What is Immutable?

Immutable is a web3 gaming platform that provides a suite of products and services to help game developers build, launch, and scale their blockchain games. The platform is built on Ethereum and it uses zero-knowledge rollups to achieve high throughput and low transaction costs, gas fees, etc.

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What is the big step?

The big step announced by the gaming platform is that it has undertaken and started off the testing of a new L2 blockchain, Immutable ZkEVM, which is an endeavor to reduce the dependency on a single network infrastructure. The ZkEVM testnet is now available for Web3 gamers to leverage on Ethereum.

What is ZkEVM?

ZkEVM stands for zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine is an Ethereum-compatible software computing environment that offers high scalability to Ethereum-based applications. 

A ZkEVM primarily executes smart contracts that are compatible with both zero-knowledge-proof computations and Ethereum infrastructure. Blockchains that use ZkEVM tend to be scalable, efficient, cost-effective, interoperable and decentralized.

Immutable’s ZkEVM

Immutable ZkEVM is built with Polygon‘s Supernets which is a program that makes it easier for developers to spin up new application-specific blockchains.

The main goal of Immutable’s ZkEVM testnet is to provide gamers with more than one options, increasing their flexibility and decrease their risk of committing to just one infrastructure partner.

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How does ZkEVM help you?

For Web3 developers who love to play games and gamers who love to develop in Web3, Immutable’s L2 blockchain is a great method to increase revenue streams from gaming, stay protected and have a frictionless experience.

You can now mint your in-game assets, experiment with economy design, and accelerate your journey in a low-risk sandboxed environment while having access to Immutable’s products.

In conclusion,

Recently, Vitalik Buterin, founder Ethereum announced that all Ethereum L2 blockchains have backdoors which insinuates that Ethereum may have unauthorized access to these chains. What is your take on Immutable’s Layer 2 blockchain and the new revelation by Buterin?